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    衛塞在人間 Wesak in the human world
    詞 lyrics by: 釋伯圓 Most Venerable Bo-yuan
    曲 composed by: 歐陽瑤芝 Au Yang yao Chih

    天上月圓 四海騰歡
    人天導師 降跡人間
    人間好 人間好
    人愛人間好 人愛人間好 山明水秀一樂園
    人欺人 人害人
    殺盜淫妄 災禍頻仍
    本來是個樂園 一樣山明水秀
    卻成人間罪藪 啊喲~

    The moon is round,
    The Four oceans are rejoicing.
    Buddha has come to earth!
    The human world is good,
    The human world is good,
    Human beings wish for a good human world,
    Human beings wish for a good human world,
    The earth is a paradise!
    Unfortunately, we are not contented.
    We bully one another,
    We scheme against another.
    Nothing is smooth sailing,
    Traps are everywhere.
    Killing, stealing and sexual misconducts,
    Are disasters that are worrying, horrible and never ending.
    Before, our earth was a scenic paradise.
    Due to the sins of mankind, ah yo…

    才是塵海的梯舵 教導人間

    Human beings need to live,
    And especially need to live in peace.
    Let us treasure our life on earth.
    Only Buddha’s compassion and equality,
    Can teach and guide mankind.

    人愛人 人助人
    相親相愛 十善律己以寧人

    Human beings love human beings,
    Human beings love human beings,
    Love one another.
    With loving-kindness, there will be peace and calm.
    We can build a blessed human world.
    We can enjoy a happy,
    Harmonious and blessed human world,


    harmonious and blessed human world!

    • Most Venerable Bo-yuan's Anniversary Commemoration Album 伯圓長老週年追思紀念輯


      Our mentor, most Ven. Bo-yuan, wrote ‘wesak in the human world' for wesak day 1991. it had such profound meaning that our mentor used it to inspire his disciples. He taught his disciples to treasure themselves; to love oneself and others; to love and not harm one another; to spread Buddha's spirit of compassion and equality; to discipline oneself and to bring peace to others; and to build a peaceful and pure human world filled with loving-kindness.






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